Pay What You Want

As you complete the fitness program, I will ask you to make a donation to Taurus James Ministries so I can continue to help people Get FIT and STAY FIT for God's Kingdom.

You contribute what you think the programs are worth.

Suggested donation pricing tiers are provided below with actual, annual budget items.

$10,000 - National Travel for Promotion: UT, CO, OK, TX, CA, NV (1 year)
$6,000 - Regional Travel for Promotion: OH, KY, DC, MD, VA, AL, FL (1 year)
$1,000 - Custom website design/development
$500 - Cell Phone Service (1 year)
$350 - Email Marketing Service (1 year)
$150 - Web Hosting (1 year)
$50 - A tank of gas
$15 - Domain name registration (1 year)

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