Whose Hearts Are Set Ablaze To

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Whose Hearts Are Set Ablaze To

The Heart is the core issue.


The Heart is the core issue.

  • The Heart
  • The Heart Set Ablaze
  • The Purpose
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“As we LOOK into the future, we SEE
an EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY church, filled
WALK HUMBLY with God.”



The Heart

Continual, While


God was here first.

God created all things we see and don't see.

Then, God created us.

God is the beginning and the end of everything, including the vision.

This is God's vision.

Set Ablaze

"WE" - Are we together?

How do you see us now?

WE are The Body of Christ. Do you believe this?

What does the body of christ look like?


Although God is not mentioned explicitly at the beginning of the statement, it is vital that we recognize:

God was, is and is to come.

In the beginning, God...

This points to the fact that God is The Almighty and nothing we see is unseen to Him.

God knows the future, we don't.

Attempting to look into the future on our own, without God

There is no vision without God. 


TO: The Purpose

God invites us tolook into the future together with Him and one another.

Scripture gives us warnings of trying to look into and see certain things. Remember Saul and the seer?

God knows the future. Do you believe this?

Are you looking?
Are you looking into the future?
Are you looking for God?

We See

God gives us vision to see Him.

Looking for and Seeing God is extremely important - critical.

Looking for and Seeing God in one anotjher as The Body of Christ

Looking for and Seeing God in the journey - as Go moves us to His destinations

Looking for and Seeing God in our individual, personal relationships with Him

What do you see?
What do you see when you look into the future?

Are you FIT?

Are you intentional?
Are you faithful?
Are you teachable?


Faithfully...continuously...intentionally, humbly... together!


Looking for and Seeing God is the end (aim) of the vision.

"WITH GOD" - Notice how God is explicitly mentioned at the end of the vision statement

God is our desired end.

We look for God, not achievements or results.

All we are, do and have is IN GOD (IN CHRIST)

God gave us Christ and His Spirit.

God gave us every spiritual blessing.

God gave us Himself. (God with us)

Remember This:  

I didn't get it. Honestly, I wasn't trying to.

Attempting to see the vision without God will fail. This is why I memntioned at the beginning that I didn't get it, at first. I was trying to see(understand) God's vision on my own, without Him.

Godwalked me through His vision. He will do the same for you.



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