What Are You Doing In The GYM?

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What Are You Doing In The GYM?

Minister Fitness with Coach T (Rev. Taurus James) (Time: Less than 8 minutes)


The GYM is the place where God, You and the Mission come together. Whether you knew it or not, you are already in the GYM. What are you doing?


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The GYM Framework

Hey fam! Taurus, here, MinisterFitness.com. Thank you for stopping by.

I want to talk to you about The GYM. It is something that came across my mind. Really, it is a thought that God has given me.

The GYM is a framework that he has given me to think about my own personal fitness as far as the Kingdom and the glory of God and carrying out the mission... you know, the Great Commission that is given given us as far as sharing this gospel of Jesus Christ and everything that God has done through Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

You Are Already In The GYM

How often do you think about the environment that you are in? You're already in The GYM.
God has saved you, as a minister. God has already provided salvation for you. So, every day, you're getting the benefit of that salvation.

You're growing in your salvation sanctification process and to that glorious day when He glorifies all of us. But in the meantime, he's growing us. We are growing up in this thing we're going through.

That's what I want to point out.

Because of this process, we're already in The GYM! we're in The GYM and I want you to think about it like this...

The GYM Is Everywhere

You're The GYM: GOD, YOU and the MISSION.

So, everywhere you go, everywhere...everywhere I go, it is GOD, YOU (me) and the MISSION.

Now, see, the thing is, is that I was always thinking about ministry as being some separate thing. You know, people talk about, "Well you could be a pastor one day.", and I'd be like, "Nah man, I ain't nobody's pastor!", because I knew I personally had too many flaws. I'm not ready for that!

However, God was always saying to me, "No, I'm GROWING you into what I want you to be."

You're already a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You know, you're a helper. you're actually carrying out that work already and no matter what your level is, you're already in The GYM!

Now keep that in mind. No matter what your level is, God saved you, through Jesus, the Christ. Once you accepted God's gift, Jesus Christ, you entered The GYM. You're in The GYM!

It is now GOD, YOU and the MISSION in your everyday life and in everything...everything!

You Are Always In The GYM

So, He (God) was putting it to me to get me to realize that's your living framework now. You haven't been... You may not have thought about it in a particular context like The GYM but that's what it is. You're always in The GYM.

So, you're always in an environment where... what do you do in a gym?... you're doing some type of exercise, you're exercising something, you're exercising some muscle. Whether it be your heart, as far as getting your heart rate up, you're exercising some muscle. Whether it be your biceps, triceps, whatever muscles that you're trying to develop. You're exercising your ability even to breathe!

It is the same thing in your everyday environment - every day you are in The GYM.

When you get up in the morning you're in The GYM - the context of GOD, YOU and the MISSION.
Question... When you get up in the morning, do you make the connection to God? Do you immediately go, "Okay God..."

I know the MISSION. So it's like I'm immediately going, as soon as I open up and I'm conscious and in the wake state... "GOD!" I am just going to immediately put my mind on you. Thank you for waking me up this morning. Thank you for your breath. Let's do something to connect and then connect your mind and get you your entire existence focused on God.

Then, the MISSION, because the mission is mankind. So you can change that M. It doesn't have to just be the MISSION, to be something abstract, because we know the MISSION is the "Great Commission". Jesus Christ said, "Go into all the world..." = all mankind. Hey look, mankind is the MISSION. That's the MISSION.

What Are You Doing In The GYM

So, what are we doing to connect to GOD and connect to the MISSION, immediately, when we get up? That way we don't go through the day passing time and then maybe something hits us. Or, we look at the news and then the news kind of jars us back into the context, you know, to thinking about the context actively.

So I want to put those things out there. You're always in The GYM. There's GOD there's YOU and then there's the MISSION. That context... you're always in it.

What are you doing in The GYM?

There are some people who go to the gym and they like to look at themselves. There are a lot of mirrors in the gym and the gym I go to has a lot of mirrors. In some gyms you go to, there are a lot of windows, a lot of glass, so people look at you. The question is, "What are you doing in The GYM?" Because if you're just going to have a look at yourself or to be looked at that's not enough. That's not enough! In fact, for a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that's contrary!

So, that which is contrary, it doesn't FIT! So, if it doesn't fit, that means that there's something that's in your pathway or something that you've incorporated that makes you UNFIT because it doesn't fit. That piece does not fit and you have to examine yourself to do something about it, to get rid of it so it doesn't block what God is trying to do through you, what God is doing in you, and how God is changing your life, even for the benefit of the glory of the Kingdom of God.

So keep this in mind.

The GYM Mindset

If you think about it like this...

If you go to the gym and you find yourself looking in the mirror all the time, yeah you're looking trying to see... what were you trying to look at? That's the question. What are you looking at? What are you looking at yourself for?

If you look at yourself to be like, "Oh look, I'm getting buff now!" and make you feel good then...

Once in a while, check to see whether you're doing something right or correctly because you can look at you can see whether or not you got the proper form, that's okay. But if I'm just looking to see how big the muscle is and keep looking at it, I'm wasting time.

Something that's okay can easily turn into vanity, something that's no good for the Kingdom. So, you got to keep those things in check.

What I'm getting at is, "What are you doing in The GYM?"

Of course, this will be expounded on. What are you doing in The GYM? What are you doing in the context of GOD YOU and the MISSION?

If you're not doing anything there's a problem. If you just go to the gym you stand there, if you're just standing in the gym, you're wasting time.

It is a waste of time just go stand in the gym. It's not benefiting you. It's not benefiting anybody else either.

Think about when you go to the gym yourself (if you do go to the gym). Think about your routine. Think about what you're trying to develop. Think about how you go about doing that.

Now, take that same thing and translate it, if you will, into the context of what I'm talking about... GOD, YOU and the Minister, God You at the Mission, God You and Mankind...What are you doing in that context, day to day and your minute by minute life, for the glory of God.

Maybe this is just a catalyst to help others to become more effective for the glory of the Kingdom.

Grace and Peace until next time family!

- Coach T

Questions To Help You Think FIT

There are no questions that I'm asking you that I haven't asked myself. And there are no questions that I'm asking you to bring forth any condemnation. I just want to ask some questions to get us thinking about how can we better optimize our time and our abilities here on earth in order to do our very best to carry this gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in the world in this day and time.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them right here at Minister Fitness dot com.

Thank you for stopping by, again.

Grace and Peace!

About Coach T

Visit TaurusJames.com to learn more about Minister Taurus James

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Get FIT and Stay FIT!

Remember This:  

To be fit is to be of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose. It is not enough to say that you are fit. It is not enough to appear to be fit.

Fitness requires Faithful action.
Fitness requires Intentional action.
Fitness requires that you remain Teachable.

Are you fit?

This is a question I continue to ask myself. I never really feel like I am fit to be a minister for Christ, but I continue to trust that He is making me what He wants me to be. Nevertheless, I use this question to examine myself periodically going to God and asking Him if I am fit for His purpose

What Does It Mean To Be Fit? with Coach T (Taurus James) at  Minister Fitness, Kingdom Fitness Academy 


Thought Questions

1. Which points did you find most impactful? Why?

2. What did the Lord reveal to you through this message? (Did you gain a specific insight into your life or ministry? What challenged you? Were you convicted of sin?)

3. How were you encouraged through this message? How can you use what you've learned to encourage someone else—in your personal life, at work, or at church—and equip them as a disciple of Christ?

4. How, practically, can you implement what you heard from this message in your life and/or ministry today? What will you do differently this week because of what you've just heard?

5. If you're struggling with your physical health, take the initial step of going to the doctor for a check up. Find a member of your church who loves working out and partner up with them—go on a run, bike ride, or weight train together. Allow exercise to be a method of discipleship.



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What Are You Doing In The GYM? Share an encouraging word or share what you are "working out" in The GYM!

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