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Coach T explains the value of Rest in The GYM. (Time: Less than 3 minutes)

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Are You Getting Enough REST In The GYM? Coach T (Rev. Taurus M. James) explains the value of Rest in The GYM. (Time: Less than 3 minutes)

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The minister thanks for stopping by and check this out do you have enough rest in the gym do you get enough rest and the gym think about it when I go to the gym one of the things that I had to incorporate in my my workout plan with rest the amount of time that I could rest in between Cycles whether it is I'm doing a circuit lifting when I stop lifting and I go to something else how much time in between do I rest my muscles rest my body I have to incorporate the amount of time in that in order to make sure I'm getting enough rest in order to do the next exercise next circuit will be able to exert the amount of strength that I need for the next PATH in the context of the gym God you in the mission do you get enough rest and you may sound kind of oil is like what are we supposed to be talkin about working out our salvation and making sure we're optimizing you know the amount of effort and we're putting out yes that is correct the key things that I definitely am going back to is the amount of time to Christ seamless tape just getting away and although we don't have a lot of information about what he did while he was away we knew that we know that he did pray but it seem like there's also that aspect of getting away in order to be with God to rest in God so that's three things do draws my attention to and I'm just putting this question out there are you getting enough rest in the gym in the context of God you and the mission yes we have a work that God has given us he is working in us and he is using us to carry out this mission of reaching people for Christ teaching people in Christ and mobilizing people through Christ he's doing all of this are we making ourselves too busy are you getting the rest that you need in the gym think about that Grace and peace until next time

Remember This:  

REST is very important in The GYM.

Jesus demonstrated  for us the importance of REST.

You are built for SERVICE.

God built you for service in His Kingdom.  God built you for service in carryoing out His Mission.

In The GYM - God You Mission - Service is what we trainfor , and it is how we train.

Minister = attend to the needs of others = Service

Fitness = quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task

Are You FIT?  

To be fit is to be of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose. It is not enough to say that you are fit. It is not enough to appear to be fit.

Fitness requires Faithful action.
Fitness requires Intentional action.
Fitness requires that you remain Teachable.

Are you fit?

This is a question I continue to ask myself. I never really feel like I am fit to be a minister for Christ, but I continue to trust that He is making me what He wants me to be. Nevertheless, I use this question to examine myself periodically going to God and asking Him if I am fit for His purpose

What Are You Built For? in The GYM with Coach T aka Rev. Taurus M. James


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