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Coach T (Rev. Taurus James) explains the need for Prayer In The GYM. (Time: Less than 4 minutes)

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Coach T (Rev. Taurus James) explains the need for Prayer In The GYM. (Time: Less than 4 minutes)

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Image for PRAYER in The GYM – Minister Taurus James

VIDEO: Prayer In The GYM

Is here minister stopping by checking this out this right here and going to talk to you about the mission and of course we're in the gym contact you no lasting the question what are you doing in the gym the gym is basically the context of your life you're in the gym if you with Christ you're in Christ you're always in the gym everyday that you get up you to the point you go to bed and when you go to sleep you're still in the gym and the thing is that the whole gym contacts really what I'm talking about is how God is working through you and you working out your salvation is the workout concept of course talk about being fit as far as the whole the whole you not just you know the spiritual side and not just the physical size are we not just talkin about getting in the gym the actual physical gym and working out which I'm with everything is far as your emotional state and everything so we we talked about the full context of you as a minister as someone who's sharing the gospel of Christ I want to talk to you about the mission and I just want to talk to you about keeping it simple you know a lot of times people talk about the Mission Inn I have to do as far as the mission and whether or not they're missionaries all the type of stuff he simply put for your working out in the gym context and the mission is what you should focus on just like my my church back and Utah Second Baptist Church they can keep it simple means that mission right in front of you reaching people for Christ teaching people in Christ mobilizer people through Christ real simple reaching teaching and mobilizing the Great Commission take a nap from the Great Commission and just keeping it real simple that's what I do as far as making sure that I'm focused on what the mission is and that everything that I'm doing I'm constantly looking at what I'm doing according to that Mission Inn in some aspect of my trying to reach the Life of Christ my teaching somebody in Christ my mobilizing somebody through Christ in and that's what I want to do as far as asking you what are you doing in the gym you know the context of the gym do you have your mission at hand do you are you looking at it and thinking about it cuz remember if you think about the physical Jimmy going to the gym and you don't really have a mission you don't really have a plan sometimes you go in there floundering so let's just talk about that keep the mission simple your mission and everything that you do in the gym have that mission is your focus so every part that you try to work out as you working out in the gym context got you with the mission make sure that you keep the mission you know at the Forefront as well K Grace and peace until next time

Remember This:  

To be fit is to be of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose. It is not enough to say that you are fit. It is not enough to appear to be fit.

Fitness requires Faithful action.
Fitness requires Intentional action.
Fitness requires that you remain Teachable.

Are you fit?

This is a question I continue to ask myself. I never really feel like I am fit to be a minister for Christ, but I continue to trust that He is making me what He wants me to be. Nevertheless, I use this question to examine myself periodically going to God and asking Him if I am fit for His purpose

FOCUS in The GYM with Coach T (Taurus James) at  Minister Fitness, Kingdom Fitness Academy 


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