Lesson 6-5 | E-Commerce And Live Events

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Lesson 6-5 | E-Commerce And Live Events

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Now I want to talk to you about a critical key to your Expert Celebrity brand. Whatever you do, whether it is a product, or a program, a live event, a book, an e-book, a video, audio or anything else—you want to figure out how to create a flowing river of sales, not simply a one-time event, or what I call a one-off. A one-off pays you once. That's not the ideal. You want everything you do to be duplicable and reproducible. 

Note from Tamara: BoxYourBiz.com no longer creates your website-- we show you exactly how to do it yourself in an hour! That's right... one of my Expert Coaches will help you get up and running with an awesome website of your own in just one hour! 


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