Lesson 5-2 | How To Be YOU On Stage

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Lesson 5-2 | How To Be YOU On Stage

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So you know your message, now it's time to put those pieces together. My paint by numbers signature talk formula is going to give you a quick easy way to do that. Just fill in the blanks and tah-dah! You've got your talk. And it's gonna rock the house, baby!

My signature talk template is going to help you identify, clarify and include your story, your steps, your successes and your social proof. And of course I am going to help you monetize your message. If it's up to me you will never waste another golden opportunity ever again! You are going to make money and do business every time you speak into a microphone, whether that is on stage, in a teleseminar or webinar, on television or on the radio. It's all about adding value to your avatar and making your value known. So that's what we're going to do in your signature talk.


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