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Coach T (Rev. Taurus M. James) explains Focus In The GYM. (Time: Less than 4 minutes)

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Coach T (Rev. Taurus M. James) explains Focus In The GYM. (Time: Less than 4 minutes)

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Should I go to the gym I go for in a physical work out one of the things did I I really I really focus on is breathing and it's actively breathing and making sure that I taken the breaths deep in my diaphragm rather than just in my chest area but making sure I breathe deeply take in deep exhale that breath and not really not really rushing things you know making sure that I take the time to breed it sets the tone if you will accept me up for focusing in on what I'm about to do just by taking a nap breath exhaling that breath then I literally you know I'm thinking in terms of what I am about to exert energy on and it is very specific so when I'm sitting down at the bench press I'm breathing thank you and I start to focus on what my body needs to do now to push this bar with this weight off my chest you know it and been able to do it multiple times and I visualize but I'm focused in on what I'm going to do taking that now and putting it into the context of God you in the mission the gym that we are in as ministers the Gospel of Jesus Christ I started to think about what do I focus on in my day today in order to make sure that I practice a similar thing you don't even in in the ministry Focus or the ministry aspect and lately I've been focusing in on an individual a person maybe somebody I can pray for the practice praying to try to build up that skill to build up that that that that piece of my spiritual life but focusing you and that person thinking about that person and not allowing myself to be distracted by what's going on around me but just thinking about what that person might need what they feel you know and I'll of course I'm coming up with it in terms of myself what I think they might need I concern myself with that person to really focus in on that person it changes the way that I pray changes the way that I didn't think about the individual so I just want to put that out there for you today and hopefully generate some thought on your behalf and maybe it's something that you already do and if it's something that you've been doing for a while and you got to get yourself a nice little regiment down routine and you know how to help please become a personal trainer for somebody like me help me out and help others right here on this this site out right here minister thank you for stopping by take care of yourself until next time Grace and peace

Remember This:  

To be fit is to be of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose. It is not enough to say that you are fit. It is not enough to appear to be fit.

Fitness requires Faithful action.
Fitness requires Intentional action.
Fitness requires that you remain Teachable.

Are you fit?

This is a question I continue to ask myself. I never really feel like I am fit to be a minister for Christ, but I continue to trust that He is making me what He wants me to be. Nevertheless, I use this question to examine myself periodically going to God and asking Him if I am fit for His purpose

FOCUS in The GYM with Coach T (Taurus James) at  Minister Fitness, Kingdom Fitness Academy 


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