Discipline in The GYM

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Discipline in The GYM

Coach T (Rev. Taurus James) explains Discipline In The GYM. (Time: Less than 4 minutes)


Coach T (Rev. Taurus James) explains Discipline In The GYM. (Time: Less than 4 minutes)

Are you experiencing Discipline in the GYM? 

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State Fair in Paris here a minute to fitness.com thanks for stopping by today just want to talk to you briefly about discipline miniature Fitness here we're basically talkin about what are you doing in the gym we talked about the whole the whole Minister the whole you you know the mind body and spirit we're talkin about the gym as the god you and the mission contacts so think about it like this you're always in the gym you're always in the gym you're working out your salvation God is always present is you and then there's the mission the thing is is that you have to always think about what it is you're doing in that context so when I ask you what are you doing in the gym it's just basically put your mind on the the simple fact that you are always in that context where you're working towards God's Mission and you just take it as a Great Commission go ye therefore and teach All Nations so you know it you know that you have emission you know you have a purpose question is everything that you're doing are you doing those things towards that purpose was that mission so today I just want to talk to you about discipline because if you say you got to go into the military in order to learn discipline well the military is going to give you a regimen that you're going to follow and it's going to be strict as far as he following that that regiment but that regiment helps you develop discipline to where you can take discipline then and use it any place else okay so just think about that and think about what it is that you're doing daily do you repeat anything daily do you have something that you have a solid strict regimen that you do repetitively and if you think about it that that regimen that you have you were developing discipline in that the question is can you didn't take that discipline that you have developed and use it in other aspects can you develop other regiment now take what I just said and now put it into the context of the gym anyting weather is your your reading plan your prayer life whether it's your mission whether it's your your your service whatever it is you're doing do you do it repeatedly do you do it regularly do you make sure that you don't slip away from it as you keep doing it because that developed to discipline Christ made us disciples he's making us his disciples we follow him we follow him with strict regimen that he is given to his word if we are called to do the same thing as far as making disciples the rest of the world so keep in mind discipline miniature fitness.com thank you for stopping by and of course leave questions to Justin Justin discussion started as always greater peace until next time

Remember This:  

Are you experiencing Discipline in the GYM? 

Discipline: train (someone) to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

I'm asking this question to my myself as I work towards becoming a more effective minister of the gospel of Christ Jesus. Self-examination is a key element to this faith walk. Here at Minister Fitness, we want to help you ask the questions and support you when you answer them.

The GYM is the place where God, You and the Mission come together. Whether you knew it or not, you are already in the GYM. What are you doing?

Discipline in The GYM  with Coach T (Taurus James) at  Minister Fitness, Kingdom Fitness Academy

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