Born To Die - My Story BC by TaurusBeats

Born To Die - My Story BC by TaurusBeats

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Born To Die - My Story Before Christ by TaurusBeats aka Coach T

In this video, I;m performing verses I wrote in 1994, during my stint as the rapper .dj known as "Kid Kikit".

I tell the story of my life in three parts, using the riddle of the sphinx as a framework. I wrote this while I was following the Nation of Isalam, and I tell the story of my life as I saw it before Christ (BC).

It is a pretty sad and hope;ess story, but it matched what I was experiencing at the time. Contrast that life with my life in Christ now and it is like night and day!

I still see the pai in the world the way I express it in the verses. The difference is that I know that there is Hope. I live it, because of Christ.

Just another way i Reach People for Christ.

INTENTIONAL...even down to the "fishing" hat.

- Coach T

"This is the story of my life before knowing Jesus Christ/
This is how I saw things (We're All Born To Die)/
But I'm so glad that right now I know I was born to LIVE and not just die/
Thank you Lord for Your mercy and showing me LOVE/
'In The Name Of Jesus' is how we do it"

"Born To Die"
Moody instruMental Music
Copyright 1994 by Taurus M. James.
All Rights Reserved.

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“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”
2 Timothy 4:7
Put another way...
I didn't QUIT! I never gave up!
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