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Here are some Easy Ways to Get Started on Your FITness Journey. Start anywhere you like by clicking the links below to get introduced to the many ways Minister Fitness can help you Get FIT and Stay FIT.

If you are New to Coach T, check out Coach T's Story and Coach T's Blog.

Also, here are some Tools to Help You Get FIT, including FaithBit Tracking Tool, Ministry Maker and Body transformation System.

Get Started with more FITness topics below, or Get In The GYM or Start Boot Camp:


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The Gospel

Gospel Message - What is the Gospel Message?

The Bible

Get Started on Your Fitness Journey with the Bible


Get Started on Your Fitness Journey with a look at The GYM

The Body

Get Started on Your Fitness Journey with a look at The Body

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The Basics

"Think FIT" is one of the Minister Fitness Basics because action comes from thought. What you think and how you think impact what action you take.

Action is the ultimate aim of everything here at Minister Fitness because the main purpose is to Advance The Kingdom.

Advance The Kingdom of God on the earth! That's a charge that requires Focused, Intense action over Time carried out by Faithful, Intentional and Teachable followers of Christ, The King.

But it all starts with what and how you think.

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The Seven Starter Steps

You've taken the first step to Get FIT by receiving God's Gift - Jesus Christ. Congrats! Now, here are some of the next steps in your FITness journey. I call these the Seven Starter Steps to Get FIT and Stay FIT. These are DAILY Starter steps to help you keep your Focus and Intensity high over Time.

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What Is Minister Fitness?

In this video, Coach T (Rev. Taurus James) explains what Minister Fitness is and the concept of The GYM. (Time: Less than 3 minutes)

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Boot Camp Day 14

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. - Proverbs 14:23

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